ADSL Nightmares!!!

Ok, so it is 2020, and half of the time your INTERNET is either down, or slower than a Dial-Up Modem….For those born after 1992, that was those screeching modems that were slower than the formation of the continents.
Take some good free advice from us, since we host web servers and that for us is costly and a real pain in the….


WARNING!!!: Before you buy any hardware from your local supplier, go to and see what you are supposed to pay.
1. Buy a descent ADSL wifi router. Yip…. dip deep and never look back (R1200 – R2500) for a D-Link, Cisco or a Net gear.
    Even if everything else is working fine, a poor modem delivers poor performance.
2. ADSL Line’s in South Africa are installed and rented from TELKOM, no getting around that one, but as of yet, do not
    take a data package from them, their fine print is longer than a Harry Potter series, get at least a 4mb line.
    NOTE!!!: Many people get a 10mb line, and a poor modem with a poor service provider, it is like having a open six lane highway in a 800cc Chevy Spark…. not of any use.

3. AXXESS …. AXXESS …. AXXESS.  The only name!!!! (We get NO kickbacks for promoting them, just clients that ask
    their friends “What is this ADSL problem you speak off)
    * Instant telephonic support with instant resolution of problems. They can test your telkom line, modem an
       turn you into a troubleshoot expert.
    * NO CONTRACT!, play as you pay is the word. This means you can take a 4mb this month, or a 10mb next month,
       with immediate activation upon payment



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