Food & Drinks recipes


In modern day living, we often deny ourselves one of our most basic needs, GOOD FOOD!!!

There are also thousands of recipes out there and it sometimes becomes a daunting task to find a quick and easy recipe that one can make with whatever is lying around the house (Our every day groceries).

Here are a few great and easy ideas for some quick and easy recipes of everyday dishes with interesting twists.

Simply select the type of meal from the side menu and give them a bash. They range from 1+1=2 easy right through to PI x Z-98 + abc complicated.


The next best thing to eating food, is talking about it. And we’ve all done our fair share of that — us food lovers especially. But there are some people who love food so much, who think about food in just the right way, that they articulate what we’ve always felt but haven’t been able to eloquently put into words.


“First we eat, then we do everything else.” -M.F.K. Fisher





Pick & choose variety of food and drinks






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