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Some Naughty Advice

In this article we are going to teach you some naughty tricks, This article started the first day someone told me “You can’t do this”, in stead of “You may not do this”. Since the first statement implies a lack of knowledge to achieve a certain outcome. And come on, how can such a challenge go un attempted.


1. Annoying Internet Filters at work. (Ps. You Can Get Fired For This!!)

So, your are sitting idly at work, trying to log into Facebook, and you get this annoying message:



Simply click on THIS LINK, download the little file at home (NOT AT WORK), extract the single file onto a memory stick. Run it, click on your browser option, and surf away. No more Web Filter.


How does this ingenious piece of software work:
Web filters and Firewalls can only Filter what they can see, they all work on a pre-defined set of filtering rules. E.g. http://www.facebook.com is blocked. They can also block keywords , IP Addresses or a combination of both. URL scripting, HTTP proxies, and web page translation tricks as well as a ping IP address method can overcome these filters, but nowadays the filter’s search for keywords, URL’s and IP addresses related to this method.

So all we do now is, hide the true nature of the information entering the network on its way to the Internet, as we connect to a available proxy server. Hence, the filter is quite happy with you going onto the web, since you are “Not Going to Facebook”.
So enjoy hassle free surfing until they catch on again, and then simply check back for a new solution to a problem as old as the internet itself. 


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